About Us

Dukkan online is a unique concept in the region that serves all type of small/medium businesses from home, Our idea is to digitize the home businesses and to make it easier for all home business owners to manage their day to day activities digitally, This will allow them to reach a wider customer base with the support of all related matters for instance invoicing, logistics, customer feedback followup and so forth.

Our platform is uniquely designed and developed based on the market requirement and we keep updating it to match all requirements continuously as we always listen to our shop owners and to our users/customers.

Easy Navigation

Set up your own online shop “Dukkan” and display your items in a very professional way with our easy step by step platform.

Full Technical Support

Don’t worry about the technical stuff any more, we have your back and we will take care of all related technical issues.

All Logistics Support

All business related matters are provided like Payment Gateway and Products Delivery, and a dashboard with a finance system that will help you manage your money.

Our Package

Registering in Dukkan Online will give you the ability to get many enriching features which will help you in getting started with your business and grow gradually. As you grow we will grow so it will be as a mutual business relationship and we will make sure to fulfill all your needs as much as possible.

Online invoicing system

Online logistics system integrated with a leading company to deliver your items

Online Finance system

Online Dashboard that gives you a glimpse about your business performance

Feedback system that will serve you in getting to know your customer needs

Easy product management system to add your items that matches your shop category

Trendy mobile app on all platforms to make ordering and tracking easy for your customer

Managing your inventory and items

Hassle free approach so you can focus on your business with Updates and upgrades based on the latest technology trends


Our subscription is very easy and has no hidden charges, you will only have to pay on a monthly basis or as a bundle for the whole year based on your preferences. Check out our package below:

  • One Dedicated store with your own category
  • Shop owner control page to give you full control to your store
  • Items will be listed on our page and everywhere related to items
  • Dashboard for your sales and products
  • Customer lists with their contacts
  • Finance page with invoicing for your customer
  • Logistics page to manage your deliveries

On the top of that your customer will be getting one stop shop for all items throughout a mobile application free of charge and we will support you and your business all the way to make sure you reach more customer base and to give you the ability to be always online with a state of the art technical support for all related matters 24/7



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